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In a arcane Indian claiming report, David Headley speaks of cooperation with individuals in the Pakistani Intelligence Account in planning an advance adjoin the Danish bi-weekly Jyllands-Posten.

Leder Barhocker Mit Lehne


A aerial baronial administrator in the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) bureau was complex in planning a above agitator advance adjoin the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper, according to David Headley, a Pakistani-American who has accepted planning the agitator advance in Mumbai in India in 2008.

Headley, who is currently in bastille in Chicago, has added accepted that back he was arrested in November 2008 he was planning a new advance – this time adjoin the Jyllands-Posten bi-weekly as a aftereffect of its advertisement of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Headley was interrogated aftermost summer by Indian intelligence officers. In a added than 100-page address that Politiken has obtained, Headley speaks in detail about a continued account of affairs with Pakistani intelligence officers.

Headley worked, amid others, for the Pakistani agitator accumulation Lashkar e-Taiba which Headley says is carefully affiliated to the Pakistani ISI.

“Inter-Services Intelligence in Pakistan controls best of the important bodies in Lashkar e-Taiba,” Headley is quoted as adage in the report.

Headley describes how in the autumn of 2008 he discussed the agitator advance adjoin the Jyllands-Posten bi-weekly with an ISI administrator declared Above Iqbal. According to Headley the aforementioned man additionally played a arch role in planning the agitator advance in Mumbai as able-bodied as advantageous for several of Headley’s trips.

According to the report, Above Iqbal is additionally said to accept accustomed Headley the Sony Ericsson adaptable blast with an built-in camera that Headley after acclimated to booty pictures in Denmark of a array of locations, including the Jyllands-Posten buildings

There accept ahead been allegations that the ISI knew of the affairs to advance Mumbai area added than 160 bodies absent their lives. According to Headley, the aforementioned was accurate of affairs to advance Jyllands-Posten.

The ISI has generally been accused of affiliated with assorted agitator organisations, while at the aforementioned time Pakistan is affiliated with the United States and Denmark in the war on terrorism. The altercation about Pakistan’s accessible duplicity has added been fuelled afterward the analysis that the al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden had been active abutting to a above aggressive enactment in Pakistan for several years.

The ISI’s role in the war adjoin agitation will afresh booty centre cloister on Monday back the case adjoin David Headley’s co-defendant Tahawwur Rana begins in Chicago.

Headley is said to accept formed carefully with Rana, who is additionally of Pakistani coast and on adjourn while apprehension balloon in Chicago. Unlike Headley, who has accepted all accuse adjoin him, Tahawwur Rana has denied the charges.

In an official declaration, the Indian authorities accept additionally said they doubtable Above Iqbal of actuality a Pakistani intelligence officer. Iqbal has additionally been accusable in Chicago but is currently believed to be at alternative in Pakistan.

While the American allegation additionally alleges that Above Iqbal has been in abutting acquaintance with both David Headley and Tahawwur Rana, it does not, however, acknowledgment Iqbal’s declared affiliation to the Pakistani ISI.

The Swedish agitation researcher Magnus Rantorp believes the case is a added affair in the artificial accord amid Pakistan and the United States.

“There is no acumen to accept that Headley has dreamt up the things he has been talking about. And there accept ahead been examples of individuals in the ISI actuality bifold agents. The big catechism is whether Headley’s affairs were accepted by the ISI leadership, or aloof individuals in the service. Now we accept a called person, Above Iqbal, accusable in the United States, and Pakistan should abandon him to face charges,” Rantorp says.

Politiken has asked for animadversion on the letters that the ISI knew of agitation affairs adjoin Jyllands-Posten from both Justice Minister Lars Barfoed (Cons) and the Danish Security and Intelligence Account (PET) Chief Jakob Scharf. Neither accept admired to comment.

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Leder Barhocker Mit Lehne
Leder Barhocker Mit Lehne

Leder Barhocker Mit Lehne

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