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By: Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior WriterPublished: 11/27/2012 03:11 PM EST on LiveScience

Collisions amid particles central the Large Hadron Collider atom smasher accept created what looks like a new anatomy of matter.



The new affectionate of amount is alleged color-glass condensate, and is a liquidlike beachcomber of gluons, which are elementary particles accompanying to the able force that sticks quarks calm central protons and neutrons (hence they are like “glue”).

Scientists didn’t apprehend this affectionate of amount would aftereffect from the blazon of atom collisions activity on at the Large Hadron Collider at the time. However, it may explain some odd behavior apparent central the machine, which is a behemothic bend area particles chase about beneath Switzerland and France.

When scientists sped up protons (one of the architecture blocks of atoms) and advance ions (lead atoms, which accommodate 82 protons each, bare of their electrons), and comatose them into anniversary other, the consistent explosions abounding those particles and gave acceleration to new particles in their wake. Most of these new particles, as expected, fly off in all admonition at abutting to the acceleration of light. [Photos: The World’s Largest Atom Smasher (LHC)]

But afresh scientists noticed that some pairs of particles were aerial off from the blow point in activated directions.

“Somehow they fly at the aforementioned administration alike admitting it’s not bright how they can acquaint their administration with one another. That has afraid abounding people, including us,” MIT physicist Gunther Roland, whose accumulation led the assay of the blow abstracts forth with Wei Liof Rice University, said in a statement.

A agnate flight arrangement is apparent back two abundant particles, such as advance and lead, blast into anniversary other. In this case, the collisions actualize what’s alleged quark-gluon claret — a superhot soup of particles agnate to the accompaniment of the cosmos aloof afterwards the Big Bang. This soup can ambit particles in the aforementioned direction, answer why their flight admonition would be correlated.

But quark-gluon claret isn’t accessible with lead-proton collisions, like the ones in the new study. Now advisers anticipate a altered accompaniment of matter, the color-glass condensate, may act in a agnate way. The color-glass condensate’s close army of gluons may additionally ambit particles off in the aforementioned direction, appropriate Brookhaven National Laboratory physicistRajuVenugopalan, who aboriginal predicted the substance, which may additionally be apparent afterwards proton-proton collisions.

The apparatus may depend on a awe-inspiring aberration of particles alleged breakthrough entanglement. Two particles can be circuitous so that they absorb a affiliation alike afterwards they are separated, and an activity on one reverberates on the other.

Entangled gluons in the color-glass condensate could explain how particles aerial abroad from the blow point ability allotment advice about their flight administration with anniversary other, Venugopalan said.

The arresting abnormality was not accepted to aftereffect from the LHC’s run of proton-lead collisions, which was meant to serve as a advertence point for allegory to added types of collisions.

“You don’t apprehend quark-gluon claret effects” with lead-proton collisions, Rolandsaid. “It was declared to be array of a advertence run — a run in which you can abstraction accomplishments furnishings and again decrease them from the furnishings that you see in lead-lead collisions.”

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